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The golden double by Markus Poom
The deputy mayor of Tartu Monica Rand is the Estonian champion
The 10th Estonian Dicefootball Champion is Kristian Marmor
IX Estonian champion - Marek Kaljumäe
VIII Estonian Champion - Erik Listmann
VII Estonian champion - Indrek Nuume
VI Estonian Championship 2013
V Estonian Championship 2012
IV Estonian Championship 2011
III Estonian Championship 2010
II Estonian Championship
Estonian Championship
Sporditäht Tournaments
A.Le Coq Cup

IX Estonian champion - Marek Kaljumäe

9th Estonian Dicefootball champion is Marek Kaljumäe of Tallinna Levadia. In the final he won Mati Kesaväli 4:2 after the extra time.

There were seven real football players from Estonian top league among the partcipants, four of them were played in Estonian national team (Brent Lepistu, Pavel Marin, Hindrek Ojamaa, Karl Mööl). Internationally most famous was former goalkeeper Mart Poom, who is the patron of the game of Dicefootball. Fourth place won this year by Aivar Pohlak, the president of Estonian Football Association, the Dicefootball champion in 2009.

The competition was very exciting to Hendrik Sal-Saller, the famous songwriter and singer from the band of Smilers. He is an author of well-known song „Football is better than sex“. Unfortunately Sal-Saller was able to draw only one game in group level and did'nt reach to play offs.

All results and tables: http://www.dicefootball.eu/et/63/events.html?Eesti%20Meister%20on%20Marek%20Kaljumäe

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