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The golden double by Markus Poom
The deputy mayor of Tartu Monica Rand is the Estonian champion
The 10th Estonian Dicefootball Champion is Kristian Marmor
IX Estonian champion - Marek Kaljumäe
VIII Estonian Champion - Erik Listmann
VII Estonian champion - Indrek Nuume
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III Estonian Championship 2010
II Estonian Championship
Estonian Championship
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III Estonian Championship 2010


In the finals of the 14th December Estonian III Dice Football Championship, Jaanus Nuutre defeated Senaator by 3:2. In the semi-finals Nuutre defeated Valdo Põder by 5:2 and Senaator defeated Margo Noode 3:0. The winner of the third place match was Noode, who defeated Põder by 4:2. There was a record number of contestants: 34, one of whom was last year’s champion and the president of Estonian Football Association Aivar Pohlak, who’s journey ended in the 1/8 final with the defeat of 3:5 to Margo Noode. Rootsi Kunn, who was the first Estonian champion, got his way through the group as a winner, but also dropped out in the 1/8 finals with the defeat of 1:5 to Vosem Nol.

Among the professional footballers, Ingemar Teever got through the group by defeating all the opponents. He’s way was cut off in the first play-off round by the future champion Jaanur Nuutre, who got through his group thanks to the second to last minute penalty, with which he defeated Urmas Rooba by 4:2. If Nuutre won by 3:2, Urmas Rooba would have gotten forward because of the goals’ difference.

Brothers Henri and Hannes Anier played in a group of five – Henri got the 4th and Hannes got the 5th place. Among the eight women the best were Raily Anter and Krista Meri, who got to the 1/8 finals.

There were three German contestants, one of whom was ex Baltic League CEO Christian Happel, who won the “Bundesliga” championship by defeating everyone on his way in the group, but stopped in the quarter-final, where he had to admit the superiority of Valdo Põder 6:1.

There was an unusual situation in the group D, where Viljar Voog, who lost the first two matches, but won the last one and got through with the best goal difference!

The Estonian dicefootball championship was held for the third year under the wing of Estonian Football Association and the prizes were presented by the sponsor of the event A. Le Coq!

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