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The golden double by Markus Poom
The deputy mayor of Tartu Monica Rand is the Estonian champion
The 10th Estonian Dicefootball Champion is Kristian Marmor
IX Estonian champion - Marek Kaljumäe
VIII Estonian Champion - Erik Listmann
VII Estonian champion - Indrek Nuume
VI Estonian Championship 2013
V Estonian Championship 2012
IV Estonian Championship 2011
III Estonian Championship 2010
II Estonian Championship
Estonian Championship
Sporditäht Tournaments
A.Le Coq Cup

In Tallinn, on the 17th of December 2008, the first official Dice Football Championship games were held. The games were held under the Football Federation of Estonia and the medals were dealt by the Estonian Olympic Committee. 11 players out of 30 in total were the players from Estonian Champion League. Furthest of them reached Henri Anier, who turned 18 on the same day and who finished the Estonian Champion league with 17 goals and a silver medal in the FC Flora team. He fell out in the quarter finals with penalty kicks.

The Estonian champion in Dice Football is Toomas Kalvet, also known as King of Sweden amongst football fans. In the finals, he defeated Raul Puri, scoring 2 to 1. Raul’s sons, Eino and Sander, are both playing in FC Levadia Tallinn. Eino didn’t qualify in his group in the Dice Football championship and Sander couldn’t participate in the games because he was slightly ill, recently arriving from the Dortmund Borussia testing. In the championship games also participated President of Estonian Football Federation and also UEFA Youth and Amateur Football Committee Vice-Chairman Aivar Pohlak, who with a win, a tie and a loss in the group games, didn’t qualify for the play-offs.

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