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The golden double by Markus Poom
The deputy mayor of Tartu Monica Rand is the Estonian champion
The 10th Estonian Dicefootball Champion is Kristian Marmor
IX Estonian champion - Marek Kaljumäe
VIII Estonian Champion - Erik Listmann
VII Estonian champion - Indrek Nuume
VI Estonian Championship 2013
V Estonian Championship 2012
IV Estonian Championship 2011
III Estonian Championship 2010
II Estonian Championship
Estonian Championship
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A.Le Coq Cup

IV Estonian Championship 2011


Held for the fourth time, sponsored by A. Le Coq, the winner of the Estonian Dice Football championship was Levadia Tallinn footballer Janar Toomet, who defeated Marko Ballack Tandre by 4:1.

Janar Toomet played the dicefootball for the first time in his life, and he started off with a defeat to later bronze Patrik Saksus, but then pulled himself together and got through the group second with a better goals difference.

„At first I tried to observe how the game goes,“ commented Janar Toomet his debut. „At first I was a little scared of my first opponent, because he was very determined and it showed that he had played before. He was getting what was happening.“

„I learned my lesson and I was able to follow, what was going on,“ continued Toomet, who defeated the 2008 Estonian championship bronze Katrin Ehatamm after a very exiting after-match penalti series. „After the penalti series it started to go very smoothly, I had no nervousness and I let the opponents worry.“

Last years’ champion Jaanus Nuutre got through the group, but dropped off in the 1/8 finals. The champion of two years back Aivar Pohlak marched through the group as a winner, but also lost immediately in the 1/8 finals. The first Estonian champion Rootsi Kunn was the last in the group with the goal difference.

Janno Kivisild, the winner of the 2005 Sporditäht tournament was last in the group. The Estonian champion of the professional football Karl Palatu got a 3rd place in his group with just one win.

Following the ranking of the groups (after the nime wins, ties, losses, goals, points) and play off matches.

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