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The golden double by Markus Poom
The deputy mayor of Tartu Monica Rand is the Estonian champion
The 10th Estonian Dicefootball Champion is Kristian Marmor
IX Estonian champion - Marek Kaljumäe
VIII Estonian Champion - Erik Listmann
VII Estonian champion - Indrek Nuume
VI Estonian Championship 2013
V Estonian Championship 2012
IV Estonian Championship 2011
III Estonian Championship 2010
II Estonian Championship
Estonian Championship
Sporditäht Tournaments
A.Le Coq Cup

V Estonian Championship 2012


The Estonian Dice Football championship, held on 17th December, gold is 9-years-old Patrik Saksus, who debuted with a bronze medal last year.

First in group A, Patrik Saksus was especially certain in play off matches, where he defeated Joel Indermitte by 4:1 in the 1/8 finals, in the quarterfinals Krista Meri by 6:3, in the semi-finals Kaupo Õismaa by 4:3 and in the finals Raul Ojassaare by 5:1. The young champion took the fun out of his opponents’ matches within the first minutes to the game by resultant kicks and a good defence.

In the third place match Kaupo Õismaa defeated Katrin Ehatamm by 1:0.

Among the professional footballers Johannes Kukebal, the U19 European Championship finals tournaments’ team defender, played the best game, who was defeated by Katrin Ehatamm in the quarter finals by 0:2. Joel Indermitte got to the 1/8 finals, because Martin Kase (also the summer U19 team member) got stuck in the group.

Last years’ champion Janar Toomet had to turn down the championship at the last minute. Among the Estonian champions there was Jaanus Nuutre (won in 2010), who this year ended up last of his group.

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