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Dice Football - for whom?
What is Dice Football?
History and Ownership
The Patron: Mart Poom

Dice Football is an excitable game that will also overcome those, who are not real football fans. Usually, the feistiest players are the women. If someone from the group is familiar with the game rules, then the newcomers learn the rules in less than five minutes.

For kids, the Dice Football is perfect, because it gives them an opportunity to win older friends, sisters and brothers also mom and dad, who often have to lose on purpose. In Dice Football loosing on purpose is impossible.

For parents, the Dice Football game is perfect, because in the constant struggle to find the time for family activities, the Dice Football game only lasts for 10-12 minutes. This is time that every mom and dad can find for their children. And if you happen to win, the revenge match won’t take a piece off from you. You may go to sleep with a peaceful mind – you HAD time for your kids.

For women, the Dice Football game is perfect, because they will discover a whole new world and will understand men a lot more. Even the offside rule in the Dice Football game is pretty simple.

For men, the Dice Football game is perfect, because on that green board, you might fulfil your childhood dream – win a World Championship title in a game with your friends.

Therefore, the Dice Football game is perfect for everyone for ages 7-99. In a pleasant company you may arrange championships and you may even play two-a-side, one against two or even two against three players. If played by a team, then you throw the dice in turns and you may decide who will be your goalie and who will make the shots on the goal.

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